dalam peperangan pemikiran, kemenangan bukanlah apabila kau berjaya membuat seseorang percaya apa yang kau percaya dan yakin apa yang kau yakin, tetapi cukuplah dengan dia meragui apa yang dia percaya dan meragui apa yang dia yakini

Thursday, December 15, 2011

the man who cries wolf

yes he did things badly,
he lied frequently,
all is done cause he was lonely;

first time he asked them to come,
the villagers rushed fully armed,
with axe, hoe and scraper from the farm,
because they were so alarmed,
with wolf which spooked their realm;

but there was nothing there,
the wolf just vanished into thin air,
or so they thought what happened there,
but a mocking laughter raised their body hair ,
from the man whom they really care,
but treating them like a fun-fair;

first time they were okay,
managed to keep their anger at bay,
but the third time charmed all the way
this time he must pay,
when he cried wolf, they said " nay ",
all hell breaks loose on that day,
all the goats turned to satay,
for the wolf as there was no fay;

but none of them knew,
that the man had turn anew,
he repented after the second lie he threw,
unlucky for him as men who were forgiving are a few;

may this tale become a reminder,
for those who like to ponder,
watch your words to each other,
and forgiving is always better.