dalam peperangan pemikiran, kemenangan bukanlah apabila kau berjaya membuat seseorang percaya apa yang kau percaya dan yakin apa yang kau yakin, tetapi cukuplah dengan dia meragui apa yang dia percaya dan meragui apa yang dia yakini

Sunday, June 21, 2009

contradiction and coincidence 2

usually, how long do you sick

according to miss dilla i looked very sick
( i dont know what others think about it)
but it is really a nice feeling
having to know that there are still someone that care about you
after all we are created to live in jamaah (groups)

if we include today , my sickness has make it own mark
i have been sick for one full week
but it is normal for me though

so in the last class we learnt about allergies
that is what the title all about
coincidently, i have allergy and learnt about it in the same day
while learning , suddenly i remembered about my father
he is allergic to prawns and to the allergy medication
i am allergic to "jeruk kendondong" too
going to get difficulty in breathing if i eat it.